Sunday, September 25, 2011

So I Got Arrested...

    Alright, first of all let me thank the few of you that donated in the time I had the video up or while I was doing the blogtv explaining the situation.  I decided to take the video down because i felt like I could have done a better job with it, but before I could record another attempt I had to leave town for a little over a week (just returned a few days ago).

    For those that don't know, my first court date is set for the 21st of this month (September).  If I have enough money prior to that point, which is a slim chance, I will retain a lawyer.  Most likely what will happen is that I won't be able to afford a lawyer, and I'll have to settle for a public pretender...err, defender.  In that case, he basically just folds to whatever they offer me, which will probably include fines, court cost, public defender leans (yes, that's how they charge you), and probation, which includes monthly fines and piss tests (that I have to pay for), and that will probably include some form of drug counseling where you do an interview and they assign you some crazy number of meetings with them because you have to pay for each one...they will probably also drug test at my expense and require me to attend NA (Narcotics Anonymous) twice a week, along with the weekly counseling meeting.

    It would be funny if it weren't true, but I will most likely become a slave of the state and end up paying about $3500 over a tiny sliver of marijuana that probably weighed 0.2 grams at most, and I'm not exaggerating.  If I fail to do any of these things, or if I fail a single drug test, I will be found in violation of my probation, and will be arrested and re-charged (end get fucked over EVEN MORE).

    I've been seriously thinking about why I would want to live in a state this stupid, in a country this fucked up?  I'm starting to think I might be dead, and this (Florida and the USA in general) might be hell...

    Until next time,


  1. Get the hell out of Florida as soon as you can.
    I learned two things regarding the law when I lived there:

    1.)Either the cops are buying dope from you, doing dope with you, or stealing your dope and keeping it themselves.
    2.)If the cop(s) happens to be a bad mood, or simply feels like being a dick, you'll be arrested and hit with anything--anything that they can make stick.

    Know what happens if I get caught with weed in my state?
    1.) The cop smokes it with me
    2.) He/she takes it, and tells me to go home
    3.) Says, "you get this from Marvin? Smells like Marvin's shit. He's got good shit."
    4.) If the cop is being a dick, and you get a warning ticket or a small fine.

    I hated every moment of living in Florida. The laws are fucktard stupid, and the judicial system is a joke. I lived in Daytona Beach for two years, and I have NEVER seen so many corrupt cops. They would literally sell AND buy dope right in the open in the subsidized neighborhoods.

    But that's just the tip of it. They also had a kiddie porn thing set up with a bunch of cops in nearby DeLand. DeLand fuzz got busted for it, the DB cops somehow never even got looked at. One of the guys that sold me weed (also happened to be a cop) thought it was the funniest shit ever.

  2. Don't wanna get arrested? Don't break the fucking law, goddammit. I've got no sympathy for a criminal. Protest the fact that it's against the law, try to do something; but you're just being immature and ridicilous if you think breaking it and saying "screw the system" will do anything good for you or your cause.

  3. Dude. Come and live in England. You can crash at mine and smoke weed all day.

  4. Dude - move to Massachusetts, where we voted to make MJ a low status/low enforcement civil offense like a parking ticket. The max fine is $100 for posession of 1oz or less.

  5. I was arrested a few years ago for a very similar amount. This was about 6 years ago, when laws in AZ were not quite as "lenient" as they are now. I was ordered to pay fines (which I'm sure, in the end, is what it was all about) but the thing that bothered me the most was the drug therapy classes. I was stuck in a room full of meth and IV drug users, and here I was, someone who honestly uses marijuana as a medicinal outlet more than anything. I recall bringing it up one day in "class". I got the entire room rialed up on my side, and the "teacher" had to pull me aside and request that I just keep my mouth shut until the chain of classes was over. Yes, the druggies and even the teacher pretty much all agreed with me. There is nothing wrong with the stuff, and hopefully as time passes, it will be legalized so the focus of the poice force can be finding true criminals.

  6. As we like to say in germany:" America! the country of limited inpossibilities!!1" I feel very sorry for you (in europe no police would have cared.

  7. the-tox said:

    "Don't wanna get arrested? Don't break the fucking law, goddammit. I've got no sympathy for a criminal. Protest the fact that it's against the law, try to do something; but you're just being immature and ridicilous if you think breaking it and saying "screw the system" will do anything good for you or your cause."

    I have a lengthy response to your utter bullshit, but rather than wasting my time trying to communicate with a brain-dead fucktard, I'll just tell you to piss off and wait for the system to fuck you over so you can take your own advice. We'll see how you defend unjust laws when you're the state's victim because of one.

  8. @C0c0pus:

    I am a firm believer that Sweden's system isn't as fucked over as America's, so thanks, but I'm fine. You're not a victim. You broke a law, now you pay the price. If I have to pay a price for breaking a law, then that's my fault, not the govement's, because guess what; that's how it works. If you think the law is stupid; fine, break it, but don't complain about the consequences. You knew it was illegal.

    For the record, I am a socialist, and I agree with "big goverment". I think society needs laws, and a non-corrupt goverment - YES, those exist - is a good regulator.

  9. @the-tox

    if you support unjust laws just because you think there needs to be a certain amount of law, your an idiot.

    If they outlaw carrots tomorrow, are you going to stop eating carrots like a little bitch, or are you going to say 'fuck that unjust law'?

    grow a pair.